FULL-TIME: An Analysis – Wednesday, 29 November

Welcome to the fourth and final FULL-TIME analysis of #PTG2017.

Highlights from WEDNESDAY, 29 November

At the main session, White collar crime in professional sport:
Play the Game 2017 - Main session: White collar crime in professional sport

Alex Duff answering a question during the session, ‘White collar crime in professional sport.’ Photo: Thomas Søndergaard/Play the Game

Alex Duff spoke about Football’s secret trade.

Jeppe Laursen Brock, journalist at Politiken daily, spoke about Football Leaks: Tricks and taxes in the world of football. 

Here’s a simple explainer on Football leaks we put together thanks to information found in Brock’s slides:

Wil Van Megen, Legal Director at FIFPro on Third Party Ownership and fundamental rights:

“Just to be clear, when I’m talking about ownership, I’m talking about the ownership of human beings”. – Wil Van Megen

Prof. Stefan Kesenne from KU Leuven stepped in to speak at the last minute, having just been asked to speak. With no slides prepared, he did an excellent job in discussing Financial Fair Play:

Play the Game 2017 - Main session: White collar crime in professional sport
Stefan Kesenne speaking about Financial Fair Play. Photo: Thomas Søndergaard/Play the Game

At Whistleblowers and journalist: the dangers of speaking up: 

Kirsten Sparre, Assistant Professor at the Danish School of Media and Journalism and Aarhus University spoke about the dangers of sports journalism, saying:

Kirsten was our first guest during our live stream. You can watch it here:

Hajo Seppelt, investigative journalist and head of producing Eyeopening Media at ARD German TV, was this year’s Play the Game winner alongside Yulia and Vitaly Stepanov, Russian athletes who blew the whistle on doping. Seppelt spoke about the challenges that comes with working with whistleblowers.

As a journalist, I want to show this side of sports. On the other hand, there is a person taking a lot of risk…. We have to find the balance.”

Watch our live stream interview with Hajo Seppelt:

Seppelt on ethical questions he asks himself: “I have to ask a question, what might be the risk for the whistleblower if it goes public?  So we have to sort out if it’s better to hide him, make [them] anonymous”

I think that sports journalism has too much focus on entertainment. Sports is much more, we need to take a look behind the curtain and not only cover the surface.” Hajo Seppelt, Play the Game winner, 2017.

You can also watch all other live streams by clicking here.

Could the Rooney Rule change the face of European sport?

Associate Professor Dr. Inge Claringbould, Utrecht University School of Governance said that women are more likely to speak up about issues like sexual harassment when: 

When a board is equally divided, women become less vulnerable in these environments.”

Assistant Professor Jacco van Sterkenburg, Media & Communication, Erasmus University Rotterdam said:

Diversive figures are important but it’s also important to look at inclusion and the environment within these boards.”

For more on the Rooney Rule, read our article here.


MATCH-FIXING: Are there remedies to fix it?

Marius Sprenger, Student Assistant at University of Münster kicked the session off:

It’s not only a local problem that only occurs in a few companies.. it’s a global problem.” Marius Sprenger,

Play the Game 2017 - Parallel session: Match-fixing: Are there remedies to fix it?
Marius Sprenger speaking during the session, ‘Can we fix the Match Fixing problem? An agent-based model to fight the biggest threat to modern sports. Photo: Thomas Søndergaard/Play the Game

Dr Els De Waegeneer, Post-Doctoral researcher at Ghent University, spoke about what makes an athlete rig a match, saying:

People have to realise that losing on purpose is an ethical issue” – Dr Els De Waegeneer

Paulo Bertaccini, spoke about inventing an AntiMatchFixingFormula for Italy:

Play the Game 2017 - Parallel session: Match-fixing: Are there remedies to fix it?
Paulo Bertaccini answering an audience member during question time. Photo: Thomas Søndergaard/Play the Game

Here’s what happened at the final plenary session, E-Sport Coming to stay- and to steal the picture?:

Watch the video below to find out more.


You can also read about E-sports by clicking here.

Conference closure 

International Director, Jens Sejer Andersen encouraged everyone to get back on the surfboard to ride the waves of change during the closure of the 10th conference of Play the Game. 

Congratulations to Hajo Seppelt and Yulia and Vitaly Stepanov for winning the 2017 Play the Game award.

Play the Game 2017 - Play the Game Award
International Director Jens Sejer Andersen presenting the Play the Game award via skype to the Stepanovs and in person to Hajo Seppelt. Photo: Thomas Søndergaard/Play the Game

To read more about the winners on the On the Game 17 website, click here 

You can also have a read of the official Play the Game article on the winners, here.

The conference ended with dinner and a farewell party, with a wonderful band playing classic hits.
Play the Game 2017 - Dinner and party
Photo: Thomas Søndergaard/Play the Game

We have come to the end of FULL-TIME: An Analysis.

Final thanks to:

All our live stream guests – thank you for saying yes and for engaging in open discussion with us.

To everyone at the conference for allowing us to interview you or even for having a chat with us! We were quite busy, running around. We are glad we had the chance sometimes to take a break and meet you all.

To our teacher, Asbjørn.

To conference photographer, Thomas Søndergaard for providing such excellent photographs for media use.

To the entire Play the Game and the Danish Institute for Sport Studies team – thank you for letting us join in on the action.

In particular, thank you to Jens Sejer Andersen, Henrik H. Brandt, Søren Bang, Katja Høiriis and Stine Alvad.

Thanks to everyone for reading and have a great weekend. Happy Friday from the On the Game 17 Newsdesk!

We hope to meet you all once again, in the near future.

Play the Game 2017
The On the Game 17 News Team with our teacher, Asbjørn. Photo: Thomas Søndergaard/Play the Game



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