Introducing us

In a world where Andy Murray has to remind journalists that women too play tennis, it might not seem strange to have a team of sport reporters with a very unbalanced, gender-balance. This is also the case at our On the Game newsdesk.

With 7 women and 1 man all under the age of 25, the members of our pack will be easily spotted at this year’s Play the Game conference.

So what are we doing here?

Our editor, Ingvild Wathne Johnsen says she is “excited to bring a different perspective to the conference.” She believes that we should make it a priority to cover the conference across different platforms and in formats that might expand the experience for the usual Play the Game followers.

... and that is certainly our intension.

As a group of young and digitally-native reporters, something we will definitely be able to bring to this year’s conference is a quick pace and a drive that will push us to produce a lot of tech savvy journalism.

Probably the most exciting new project we will be embarking on is our daily Facebook Live stream. Our editor, Ingvild will be chatting with 2 or 3 guests each day to give an insight into the voices behind this year’s major themes. 

Look out for the rest of our multimedia team of reporters, generally you will spot us with microphones and smart-phones, walking whilst tweeting and occasionally stopping to inhale coffee.

One of us might even accidentally-on-purpose bump in to you and ask you for a quick quote.

Feature Photo: On the Game News team at this year’s Play the Game Conference in Eindhoven. (Thomas Søndergaard/ Play the Game)

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